Empower Hamilton County and your community by making a real impact on Indiana’s digital future! The Indiana Broadband Office (IBO) is on a mission to bridge the connectivity gaps across our state, and YOU can play a crucial role in making it happen.

To ensure broadband funding reaches the areas that need it most, the IBO requires accurate data reflecting the current state of broadband connectivity in Indiana. YOU can be a part of this transformative initiative!

Help fast-track funding to Hamilton County’s areas in need:

  1. VISIT ConnectingIndiana.com
  2. RUN a quick internet speed test
  3. SHARE this message with friends, family and neighbors! The more participation we have, the more accurate our data becomes. And, as we all know, more accurate data equals faster funding allocation for essential broadband infrastructure.

More participation = More accurate data = Faster funding allocation. Let’s bridge the gap