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The Pursuit Institute

The Pursuit Institute

The Pursuit Institute (Formerly known as the Hamilton County Center for Career Achievement)launched in 2021, making a long-time dream of the educational and government leaders in Hamilton County a reality. With visionary leadership from the Hamilton County Council, the Hamilton County Commissioners and the six public-school superintendents, the Hamilton County Center for Career Achievement was established. HCCCA is led by its Executive Director, Carrie Lively.

The immediate goals of HCCCA are to:

1. Legally establish a Career Center capable of accepting and distributing federal and state funding for Career and Technical Education opportunities.

2. Develop comprehensive Career and Technical Education opportunities accessible to all students attending the six public school systems in the county. These programs will be available to students beginning in the 2023-3034 school year.

3. Develop a five-year Career and Technical Education Plan and Comprehensive Local Needs Assessment to ensure alignment of programming to economic and workforce development needs in Hamilton County.

4. Coordinate pathways with Ivy Tech, Hamilton County to ensure credential alignment and attainment, when appropriate.

5. Build an infrastructure capable of maintaining quality programming with a focus on continuous improvement.

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