Hamilton County 

Child Care

Childcare Action & Investment Plan


.According to Early Learning Indiana, only 22% of children in Hamilton County are served by high-quality care. Some parts of the county have multiple providers that are at capacity but also operate at very high cost, while other areas do not have access to any high-quality or even accessible quality options. This disparity in early childcare coverage impacts children, parents, employers, and the broader Hamilton County community.

To combat this, Invest Hamilton County is working with Indianapolis-based national consulting firm TPMA to develop a Childcare Action and Investment Plan. Come and discuss childcare issues and potential solutions at our first public meeting in Hamilton County. At this  meeting, we will present an overview of the issue, discuss goals for the Childcare Action and Investment Plan, and outline next steps and ways to get involved, including being part of a Childcare Collaborative.

Goals of the Action Plan

  • In-depth Stakeholer Engagement
  • Data Analysis and Gap Assessment
  • Investment Strategy
  • Establishment of a Childcare Collaborative


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