Invest Hamilton County

Memos From Mike

Looking Back…and Forward!
December 18, 2023

Growth can sometimes be accompanied by pain(s). It also is often accompanied by hope and the manifestation of dreams and aspirations. In 2023 our organization and the county saw a great deal of dreams delivered AND momentum built…


When I look back at 2023 here are some of the highlights:

  • Launch of first courses from new Career and Technical Education (CTE) District – The Pursuit Institute (TPI)
  • Significant expansion of home addresses eligible for state and federal broadband investments
  • Multiple successful mental health events, in partnership with County government, Hamilton County Community Foundation (HCCF), and Chambers of Commerce
  • Completion of Talent InSight 2030, a comprehensive labor market forecast for Hamilton County, with public launch in January 2024
  • Continued innovation and trainings for justice-involved populations
  • Coordination between first responder and mental health provider ecosystems to begin strategizing a better framework for crisis response and respond to state and federal priorities
  • Support for and evolution of the Hamilton County Behavioral Health Collaborative in collaboration with County and HCCF
  • Successful pilot of innovative, cohort based, training system for individuals with disabilities, with over 80% of participants experiencing positive outcomes
  • Expansion of storytelling and ambassador Hamilton County Connections partnership with Hamilton County Leadership Academy (HCLA) to include great blog features
  • Over a dozen speaking engagements and opportunities to share Hamilton County’s story and talk about workforce development and the labor market
  • produced Mental Health 101 Resource Guide” for local businesses looking to support employees

Most of these were just building blocks for ramps leading into 2024 and beyond. We’ve also been using this past year to build innovative funding models and program models that engage as many local leaders and organizations as possible in helping solve some of the most wicked problems facing our community.

Our goals leading into 2024 include –


  • Successful transition January 2024 of The Pursuit Institute CTE District over to management by school corporations
  • Public promotion, presentations, and planning efforts surrounding the Talent InSight 2030 project
  • Significantly expand partnerships with local Chambers of Commerce and Hamilton County Leadership Academy through strategic grant opportunities
  • Identify funding and deliver a Child Care Action and Investment Plan that builds out a model for systemic investments and improvements regarding quality child care access county-wide
  • Continue to deliver relevant resources and education to local businesses through our HR Advisory Council

Disability Programs:

  • Exponential expansion of community-based, integrated employment trainings for individuals with disabilities
  • Launch innovative career awareness initiative uniquely targeting individuals of all ages with disabilities within the County
  • Building systems and processes that centralize workforce development opportunities and how local businesses connect to them
  • Build out and promote career pathways within Hamilton County and Central Indiana

Mental Health:

  • Facilitate evolution of mental health crisis response efforts between mental health providers, first responders, county government and municipalities
  • Identify strategies for improving local behavioral health workforce shortage


  • Facilitate an innovative model of infrastructure co-location that enables expanded and more affordable broadband/fiber investments county-wide
  • Prepare the county for the most competitive and collaborative BEAD (via Infrastructure Act) investments/applications in the state of Indiana

Workforce Programs/Resources:

  • Expanding hospitality training and support programs into the public sphere in partnership with Township Trustees, mental health providers and local nonprofits
  • Launch Hamilton County Career Coach online tool to better assist job seekers, students, coaches and nonprofits in the pursuit of economic vitality
  • Assist in expansion of Ivy Tech Hamilton County’s enrollment base and community partnerships
  • Assist with multiple employer engagement events/meetings with reentry stakeholders in Community Corrections and local nonprofits
  • Launch Employability Skills 101 training specific to reentry and mental health partner organizations and participants

We’re so grateful for all of our community partners, civic leaders and businesses that make this work possible.