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November Featured Leader
November 9, 2022



President of the Board, Westfield Chamber of Commerce

Q: Why do you believe chambers of commerce are important to communities?

A: The Chamber of Commerce is important to our local community because it is central to connecting businesses to each other as well as local residents to local businesses. The Chamber serves as a conduit to successful local economies.

Q: What is something that you believe the Westfield Chamber does well?

A: The Westfield Chamber does a great job of creating environments where you can connect with other businesspeople and develop mutually beneficial relationships.

Q: What is something you would like the community to know about the Westfield Chamber?

A: The Chamber has always been the community organization to bring businesses together for significant community events. It was Rocks the Fourth in the past and now it’s events like the Hoosier Chocolate Fest (Jan. 27-28, 2023). We have some fun events planned for 2023 that will highlight different business segments, but we will also find new ways to offer educational opportunities to our members. We plan to expand attendance to our leadership summit next fall and work with other county organizations to provide more mental health, strategic planning, and director-level training.

Q: What is something you have learned while serving on the chamber board?

A: I’ve learned more of the “behind the scenes” innerworkings of various organizations and how they collaborate to make Westfield a thriving and active community.

Q: What have you enjoyed most serving as the Chair of the Westfield Chamber board of directors?

A: I love the people on the Board. I’m most grateful for the business relationships and friendships that I have developed over the years of serving on the Board. It’s the people that make Westfield amazing and the Chamber Board is no different.

Q: How long have you served on the chamber board and what other roles/positions did you hold?

A: I’m wrapping up my fifth year on the Chamber Board and will roll off the board in December 2023. My first leadership role was the Golf Outing Chair for a few years. I then transitioned into the At-Large Executive Board Member which led to vice president and now president.

Q: What other organizations have you been involved with and why is community service important to you?

A: Giving back to our community is one of my passions. I believe it takes all of us serving to keep our community small and connected. I also serve within Westfield Youth Assistance Program as Past Board Chair, Yellow Tie Gala Chair and previously Youth Recognition Breakfast Chair. I am a founding member and president-elect of Women of Westfield (WOW) as well as past chair of the WOW Be Event.

Q: What is your professional role and who do you work for?

A: I am the Residential Mortgage sales manager for Community First Bank. I have been with the bank for almost eight years as an employee but as a customer since they opened in Kokomo almost 20 years ago. I serve on our DEIB Team, CFB Cares Team and Management Team at the bank.

Q: What is your favorite place/activity in Hamilton County and why?

A; This question is always tough! I love watching my kids play sports, so Grand Park is a hot spot for me as well as our parks and trail systems. However, I’m a foodie so I really enjoy all our local food options. What’s not to love about Hamilton County?