Invest Hamilton County

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May Featured Leader
May 11, 2023

Corby Thompson

Owner, Boomerang Land Development

Vice Chair, Invest Hamilton County board of directors

Q: What is your professional role?    

A: I own and operate several real estate investment and development companies.  I am also the president of a sanitary sewer utility company and have a side-gig as a restaurant owner.

Q: What have you learned while playing an active part in Hamilton County’s growth over the last 35 years? 

A: The real estate industry as defined by the market demand, and particularly the preferences of those engaged in the regulatory approval process is amazingly dynamic. There is no status quo.

Q: What economic development initiatives do you think are most urgent for our community?   

A: There are two that stand out in particular.  We need to continue to attract employers that can compensate at a high level, but at the other end of the spectrum, we simply have to find a way to provide quality, affordable housing for our citizens that have chosen or been placed in careers and jobs that our economy does not value at a level necessary to meet the increasing costs of that housing. We should not “punt” that responsibility to other communities. My sense is that if we do not address it, we will get a Federal solution imposed by Washington DC, which no one will like.  By the way that DC process has begun.

Q: How long have you served on the Invest Hamilton County board and what have you learned while on this board?

A: It has been a long time….. The County Commissioners and the County Council can be very patient, so long as measurable and positive results from our Board’s efforts can be identified.

Q: What one organization have you been involved with would you like the community to know more about and why?

A: Agape Therapeutic Riding Resources.   Agape is essentially an equine therapy provider serving central Indiana.Their clientele is as diverse as the spectrum of mental health issues that increasingly make our community and our culture a difficult place to thrive and even survive.  Agape’s staff, volunteers and donors are dedicatedand committed to improving the lives of those they serve.  I cannot in a few words express the full impact of Agape.  Please, schedule a visit, which will go a lot further to explain Agape’s impact then my attempt herein.

Well…I also have to mention YMI, Fishers Rotary, Hamilton County Leadership Academy, Hamilton County Community Foundation, the Youth Assistance Porgram and Heartland Church….look them up!

Q: Why do you feel drawn to serve our community?   

 A: I learned financial philanthropy from my parents.  My mother insisted on giving, even when we had little available.  My father taught me that when you have a lot, give a lot, even if tomorrow you don’t have anything.  Gary Reynolds has been a great mentor as well.  I first learned toserve with my hours, as a Big Brother while at Purdue University.  The impact of that time was so beneficial my “Little” and for me.

Q: What do you think Hamilton County’s greatest asset is?  

A: This answer has morphed for me over time.  Right now, it settles in our citizens ability to pay attention and stay engaged.  Our national and world culture continues to  place an enormous amount of pressure on families and particularly children.  Hamilton County’s citizens are willing to do the heavy lifting necessary to maintain public safety and fundamental educational opportunity which are so vital to our County’s continued success.

Q: What is your favorite place/activity in Hamilton County and why?   

A: My backyard is really special…..but since I can’t host everyone, I’ll have to go with Conner Prairie.  Our community has 1000 acres of preserved open space that has proven beneficial for today’s residents and will provide fresh air, healing microbes and simple joy for many generations to come.  Take advantage of it!!