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2022 Year in Review
March 10, 2023


2022 Year in Review

2022 was my first full calendar year working with Invest Hamilton County… and it was among one of the greatest years of my working life.

Some of you are likely aware of the many roles and identities this organization has had within the Hamilton County ecosystem. Beginning as the Hamilton County Alliance in 1992, it focused on corporate attraction and bringing jobs into the community. That role continued for decades to come… but eventually was replaced by our community’s cities’ and towns’ own efforts as they looked to establish their own unique and independent economic development identities. Those efforts have clearly been successful and those visionary leaders have helped build one of the best places to live and work in America. 

I now believe fate has placed us in a position where our nontraditional identify as a LEDO aligns with what is needed in our community. When I interact with individuals and they see I work for the Hamilton County Economic Development Corporation what they assume we do is very different from our actual scope of work… and in most cases I believe the type of work we’re doing now is what economic development and workforce development will become as we continue movement into the 21st century.

 People are now what defines success in our modern market. We need to continue to grow our educated populations but we also have to bring up and support those historically left behind. In our new mission and vision you will see economic vitality pointed out. I view those words as a guiding star in our efforts. We all have our own version of a healthy and prosperous life ahead that should be defined internally, not by society… and as a community we can help build programs, systems, and structures that make it easier for everyone to find their own version of that modern American dream.

Sometimes when looking at what we do it can be hard to see the connection between mental health, research, broadband, reentry/disability employment, job boards and a new Career and Technical Education District. All of these things are bricks on the path people, of diverse ages and backgrounds, travel in our community as they seek to build their path to vitality. I am so grateful for all the visionary elected officials, community/business leaders, and partners that make this a great place to work and call home… and a great place to lay some bricks.

I hope you take some time to review our 2022 Year in Review to see all the things we have been working on for Hamilton County.

Mike Thibideau serves as the President & CEO of the Hamilton County Economic Development Corporation (dba Invest Hamilton County). In this role Mike manages workforce development, talent attraction and quality of life initiatives throughout Hamilton County.