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January 17, 2023



Chairman of the Board, Noblesville Chamber of Commerce

Q: Why do you believe chambers of commerce are important to communities? 

A: Chambers advocate for businesses and businesses are the life blood of the communities where they exist.  If businesses are growing and succeeding, then they are providing resources for their community.  Not just jobs, but also support for local charities and organizations that make the community a great place to live for their customers and employees.

Q: What is something that you believe the Noblesville Chamber does well?

A: Bringing people together and sharing information…The Chamber is great at providing an impartial platform for local businesses and residents to hear what is going on in the community.  The Chamber has hosted forums for city council and school board candidates to share their views.  We also have industry specific networking groups that allow businesses to collaborate and discuss current issues.

Q: What is something you would like the community to know about the Noblesville Chamber?

A: We are a great resource.  When a business has an issue, we can provide resources or connect them to the right entities to help them solve the problem.  Throughout the year we host events for local businesses to learn more about the topics that are important to them, whether that is local government, schools, health care or workforce attraction, development and retention.

Q: What is something you have learned while serving on the chamber board?

A: Serving on the Noblesville Chamber board has made me aware of all of the wonderful organizations working to make Noblesville and Hamilton County a great place to live and work.  Most people have no idea how many different organizations there are and how many volunteers are dedicating their time and talents to our community.

Q: What have you enjoyed most serving as the Chair of the Noblesville Chamber board of directors?

A; I really enjoy connecting with the business owners.  Noblesville is blessed to have businesses from a multitude of industries and each has a unique story about how they got started and how they became successful.

Q: How long have you served on the chamber board and what other roles/positions did you hold?

A:  I have been on the board since 2017.  I was the Vice Chair for two years prior to moving into the Chairman role in 2022.  I also served as the Chairman of the Advancing Noblesville Chamber Foundation from 2020-2022 and continue to serve on their board.

Q: What other organizations have you been involved with and why is community service important to you?

A; Other board positions: Noblesville Youth Sports Alliance, Anderson University Marketing Advisory Board, Body In Training Track Club and my neighborhood HOA.

I am an active member of White River Christian Church, deliver for Meals on Wheels and volunteer at many local events.

My wife and I have been a part of the Noblesville community for thirty years and have three kids that have enjoyed all the great opportunities Noblesville provides.  We want to do our part to keep Noblesville a great place for businesses and families.

Q: What is your professional role and who do you work for?

A: Vice President of Marketing & Business Development for Indiana Members Credit Union

IMCU has 32 branches across the state, including six locations in Hamilton County.

Q: What is your favorite place/activity in Hamilton County and why?

A: My family enjoys biking and running, so the trails and parks are our favorite places in Hamilton County.

Thorpe’s Challenge to the Community –
I would like to challenge everyone reading this article to become a volunteer.  If you don’t already, find one organization that interests you and donate your time, talent or treasure to give back.  Volunteering not only makes your community a better place to live, it also makes you a healthier, happier person.