Invest Hamilton County and the Hamilton County Commissioners been working diligently to make online accessibility easier for those in rural areas of Hamilton County. While most of Hamilton County has good internet access, there are still pockets in our major cities and large areas in the northern part of the County that are under or unserved by reliable high-speed internet access.

The FCC has released new broadband coverage maps that will be used as a starting point to determine federal and state grant eligibility. These maps are not completely accurate and we need your help to ensure that that your home will be eligible for thousands of dollars in funding in order to help bring broadband to your home and your community. Please feel free to share this link with friends, neighbors, co-workers and clients, especially if you know they may be in an under or unserved area of the county.

How you can help:

The best way you can help is to take the Farm Bureau’s speed test. Taking the test will allow residents to determine their current internet speed and provide important data to ensure unserved or underserved areas are eligible for upcoming broadband grants and private investment. Indiana Farm Bureau formed the Indiana Broadband Strategic Partnership (IBSP) to expand reliable broadband service to Indiana’s most unserved and underserved communities. Once you’ve gotten to the website, click take the test, enter your information and get your internet speed tested.

Indiana Farm Bureau Speed Test:

The second step is to view your home on the FCC broadband map and ensure that the broadband service is being reported correctly. If broadband is inadequate at your location and the map shows that you are served by broadband, then you will want to submit a challenge to ensure that your location receives the available funding to serve your location.

Here is a link to information on the consumer challenge process: