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2022 Hamilton County Workforce Highlights
January 17, 2023

Invest Hamilton County pulled together some highlights from 2022 looking at the current state of workforce and employment data in Hamilton County.


Hamilton County, according to Purdue University, is the only County in Indiana that is has continued to become younger and more diverse every year since 2001. Notably 58% of new residents from 2019-2021 did not identify as white, non-Hispanic.

Labor Force

Most individuals (68.8%) in Hamilton County are employed and engaged in the labor force. Labor force participation is slightly higher than the Indianapolis-Carmel-Anderson MSA rate of 66.33% in September 2022. Nationally in September 2022 participation was 62.31%.


Unemployment in Hamilton County is among the lowest for any County in America at 1.6% in September 2022. The MSA was at 2.09% and the USA at 3.32%. Comparatively high labor force participation combined with low unemployment does mean that new employers looking to relocate to the region, and those entities looking to attract them, need to be strategic about attraction, re-skilling and engagement with nontraditional and underemployed populations.

Educational Attainment

Hamilton County is a community that attracts and retains large quantities of highly educated talent. 33.4% of Americans possess a bachelor’s degree or higher education compared to 60.1% of Hamilton County residents.

Job Openings and Demand

From January 2021 through November 2022 there were 119,304 unique positions posted in Hamilton County. The median advertised salary for open positions in November 2022 was $39.6k/year which is a 13.2% increase from December 2019.

Data Source: The primary data source for this document was LightCast (formerly EMSI Burning-Glass) Developer.