Located 25 miles north of Indianapolis, Westfield is a swiftly growing community of more than 36,000 residents. Showcasing appealing amenities for residents, businesses and visitors, Westfield offers diversified housing, distinctly designed retail offices and warehouse sites for businesses, and an award winning school-corporation.

Home to safe neighborhoods, beautiful park facilities, quaint regional shopping, and growing business opportunities, Westfield is a soaring community with many exciting projects, such as the Grand Junction, and the continued growth of Grand Park, in the works.

For more information on living and doing business in Westfield, visit westfield.in.gov.

Westfield Gallery
Big Hoffa's BBQ Grand Park

Westfield Stats

Population (2016*) 36,854
Population (2010 Census) 30,068
Median Age 34.1
Median Household Income $86,025
Bachelor's or Higher 56.9%
Median Housing Value $220,800
*Partial Special Census