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By Tim Monger on November 20, 2015
Globalization is Changing the Game
for Companies and Metro Areas
During the past year the Indy region has undertaken two major initiatives that will impact how we do economic development throughout the metro area. One is the Global Cities Initiative, which focuses on foreign trade and investment. The second is the Metro Indy Economic Growth Strategy (aka Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy or CEDS), which brought together a coalition of business and civic leaders, elected officials and economic development professionals from throughout the region.
... To quote Peter Drucker, “Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work.”

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By Tim Monger on November 17, 2015
“From an economic perspective, the world is more like a Rubik’s Cube, with varying combinations of interdependent conditions and developments leading to different outcomes.” This is the opening statement in “Global Location Trends – 2015 Annual Report” produced by the IBM Global Business Services. The report outlines the latest trends in corporate location selection.
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By Sarah Buckner on September 10, 2015
Today we have a guest post from Judi Johnson, Economic Development Director for the City of Noblesville. Noblesville recently launched a soft skills campaign, and Judi is sharing all the great details today. To learn more about Noblesville, visit

#NoblesvilleWORKS Soft Skills campaign is an initiative of the Noblesville Workforce Development Council, a council that includes the collaborative effort between schools (K-Ivy Tech), businesses, nonprofit organizations, and the City’s Economic Development Department, to accomplish the goal of providing strategies and collaborative approaches to improve workforce preparedness and training for individuals, in-turn enhancing the Noblesville business environment...
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By Tim Monger on July 02, 2015
I may be a little bit biased, but I believe that Launch Fishers along with its public partner the City of Fishers has created an entrepreneurial ecosystem that minimizes the risks faced by innovation-based startups and maximizes job creation and private investment in the region.
A recent article from the Stanford Graduate School of Business describes the findings of a multi-country study by professor George Foster. The subtitle of the article is Entrepreneurship can be personally rewarding and good for the economy, if we wipe the stardust from our eyes...
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By Tim Monger on June 26, 2015
One of the greatest strengths of the Indy region are the number of successful commercial real estate firms and the brokers who are part of these firms. Commercial brokers are a critical partner in the economic development process. As a site consultant with an international real estate firm, I saw firsthand the role brokers play in corporate location decisions. Many expansion projects start with a call to a commercial broker to get an idea of what is available locally or somewhere else in the country. 
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By Sarah Buckner on May 26, 2015
Join us at the new home of Launch Fishers for the Entrepreneurship Week Celebration on Thursday, June 18! We’re bringing together the leading supporters of innovation and entrepreneurship in Indiana for an evening filled with live music, local food and socializing...
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By Tim Monger on May 11, 2015
Each year TechPoint recognizes Indiana’s best companies, entrepreneurs, educators and other leaders for their technology excellence and innovation at the Mira Awards. “Out of the 100 companies selected as nominees this year, 73 of them didn’t even exist five years ago.” Mike Langellier, president and CEO of TechPoint further stated, “that this trend is sign of a thriving tech ecosystem.”
The Hamilton County Economic Development Corporation applauds the volunteer judges and TechPoint leadership for recognizing the best of Indiana technology. A number of Hamilton County, Indiana companies were nominated in almost every category. We appreciate their investment in Hamilton County...
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By Tim Monger on April 22, 2015
Two companion approaches are used in economic development. One is building relationships. The other is providing information.

They’re intertwined, of course. While we at the Hamilton County Economic Development Corp. are attending industry forums and setting up one-to-ones to make corporate decision-makers, site selectors or commercial real estate brokers comfortable with us, we’re usually sharing vital information intended to persuade them that our county or one of its cities is the right choice for them.

To enhance that experience and to reach other prospects that haven’t necessarily touched base with us first, we will have a more robust presence on the Internet starting today. Our new website has been designed in a very intentional way that reflects our understanding of the information decision-makers seek, presented in an attractive, customer-focused way.

We have invested in three features that surveys of corporate decision makers and their advisors have indicated are critical to the location decision process. First, website visitors may plug their specific needs into a database that will identify appropriate sites or buildings in Hamilton County that meet their needs. Second, information about Hamilton County’s over 8,600 companies will be available from Dun & Bradstreet. Third, website visitors will be able to generate demographic information based on a radius or drive time from a prospective site.  

Our experience guided us in the website design, and we confirmed our instincts with a survey by Development Counsellors International that asked corporate executives and site consultants what features they found most useful on an economic development organization’s website. Please visit our new website and spend a few minutes on it. We hope you find it intuitive, useful and persuasive.
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