Mission Statement

To position Hamilton County as a great place to work, learn, invest and live.

We are a comprehensive marketing organization focused on attracting and growing a talented workforce to Hamilton County. Our office works with economic development professionals, workforce readiness programs and the network of State universities to promote the skills training available for career-changers in the county. We also work with Hamilton County Tourism and leaders across the county to share the reasons why the county is an affordable, safe and fun place to live—and work.

Our Services

In the coming months, we will begin updating our website and social media with fresh content that tell the stories of our county and residents. We will promote these stories through data-driven social media, digital and earned media efforts. We also will create a team of local brand ambassadors and develop face-to-face opportunities to share what we know and love best—our great cities and towns.


The Hamilton County Economic Development Corporation was created in 1992 to act as the county’s economic development organization. The HCEDC is an independent, private not-for-profit organization 501(c)4, funded by the public sector 71 percent and private sector 29 percent. Governed by an Executive Committee and a board of directors, the HCEDC is charged with serving Hamilton County’s eight communities and nine townships.